DNA Testing - Let's Spill the Genes!

Imagine being able to anticipate devastating illness, before it ever even happens. That you might be able to unravel the road map in your pet's genes to anticipate the turns and roadblocks ahead.

Science fiction? No, as a Peace of Mind family member, this is your reality.

Your pet is unique. Genetic testing provides a set of data that is absolutely unique to your pet, tightly wound and intertwined within their DNA strands. These genes have been established since before your pet was even born.

Genetic screen is exceptionally exciting, we believe this so much so that our 12 month members are invited to pursue a genetic disease and trait screen for their fur family. Of course, this comes with the massive Peace of Mind discount that you have come to know and love.

Genetic disease screening is available for both our feline and canine members. We've done the hardwork for you, and selected only the best, most relevant and reputable genetecists for you and your fur family.

  • What sorts of things will be included in my dog's test?

    Hold your breath, it's a lot. Your dog will have a comprehensive health screen which reports on over 200 genetic diseases, as well as over 40 genetic traits! Amongst these conditions being examined includes intolerance to medication (MDR-1 mutation), early onset blindness (retinal atrophy) and epilepsy.

  • What sorts of things will be included in my cat's test?

    Your pet cat will be screen for 29 genetic markers of disease, as well as risk factors for over 17 common illnesses, such as kidney disease and hyperthyroid disease. Your test will also provide some insigh into the familial origins of your cat to help you provide the best of care for them.

  • Is the test painful?

    the test is absolutely pain free. Your pet will have a swab gently inserted into the mouth, and brushed along the isnide of the cheek. This will collect cells containing a genetic gold mine, which can then be sent to a genetic laboratory.

  • When will I recieve my invitation for a genetic health screen for my pet?

    Youwill recieve an invitation with a voucher as an anniversary delight! Keep an eye on your inbox 12 months after joining the program for your invitation and promotional code.

  • How long do I have to claim my pet's genetic health screen?

    your promotional code is valid for 4 weeks once you have reciveed it. Please don't hesitate to contact your family clinic in Lilydale Monbulk or Ringwood should this be a concern for you.

  • How long until my results are back?

    Selecting high-quality genetic laboratires means that we will need to send your pets samples overseas to world-class testing facilities. Once the laboratory reicves the sample, it can take up to two weeks for a report is then available. You can expect the entire process to take approximately 4 weeks.