Substantial discounts on ALL aspects of your pet’s medical care.


  100% 75% 50% 10%
Flea and worm treatment      
Heartworm prevention      
Intestinal worm prevention      
Tick prevention      
Tests Inc. tissue, blood and urine testing      
Hospital care and treatment      
Dental treatment      
Genetic disease screening      
Cancer treatment      
Ct Scan      
Imaging including x-rays, ultrasound and fluroscopy      
24 hour emergency services including critical care and surgery      
Corrective airway surgery for flat-faced breeds      
Congenital hernia repair      
Hind dew claw amputation      
Hip Dysplasia Screening      
Hip Dysplasia      
Resection of excessive skin folds      
Dislocating kneecap corrective surgery      
Stocked pet food items, including perscription diets      
Over the counter supplements      
Skin homecare products such as shampoos and lotions      
Dental homecare products such as rinses and brushes      

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