Peace of Mind offered by Vets Inc., hereby referred to as ‘us’, is a unique program that has been designed to offer our client’s premium and comprehensive cover for most veterinary expenses. This program provides our clients with support in the face of accidents and illness, as well as promotes proactive, preventative healthcare by minimising out-of-pocket veterinary fees.

1. General

a. These terms and conditions relate to your participation in Peace of Mind and is an agreement between us and you.

b. These terms and conditions take effect upon signing the Peace of Mind enrolment form. 

c. In accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree to be bound by them. You should carefully read and familiarise yourself with these terms and conditions. 

2. Peace of Mind Membership Benefits

a. Wellness and Preventative Care

i. Comprehensive 12 system examinations

Fully comprehensive examinations reviewing nutrition and lifestyle. as well as a complete physical examination, where possible. In some instances, examination is limited by factors such as pain, or patient demeanour.

ii. Vaccinations

Canine and feline vaccinations in accordance with our current vaccination protocol. The veterinarian may deviate from these protocols where they deem appropriate for individual patients or circumstances.
Canine vaccinations include canine distemper, hepatitis virus, parvovirus, bordetella bronchiseptica and canine parainfluenza virus.

Feline vaccinations include feline enteritis, herpes virus, calicivirus (F3)and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

Vaccinations not outlined as routine as per our clinic protocol are not covered. See addendum 1 for current clinic vaccination schedule protocol.

iii. Parasite Control

Canine and feline parasite control in accordance with our current parasite control protocol. Where you choose to differ from these recommendations, you will be subject to the full cost of the product. The veterinarian may choose to deviate from this protocol where they deem appropriate for the individual patient or circumstance. When such products are prescribed, these alternatives will be eligible for the standard program discount.

Dog protection will include flea, paralysis, bush and dog tick, tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and heartworm prevention.
Cat protection will include flea, paralysis tick, tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and lungworm prevention.  

See addendum 2 for current clinic parasite control schedule. 

iv. Nail trims 

Sedation will incur a 50% out of pocket cost..

v. Microchip implantation 

In accordance with relevant legislation.

vi.Wellness blood screen
Performed annually, from the second phase of your pet’s anticipated lifespan.

vii. Wellness urine screen

To be performed annually, from the second phase of your dog’s anticipated lifespan.

viii. DNA Health Profile
Clients will be eligible after the minimum term has passed.

ix. Puppy School

Attendance to Vets Inc. puppy school for vaccinated puppies, aged 10 - 14 weeks for socialisation purposes.

x. Hills Science Diet Premium Food

10% discount off the retail price of all ranges (standard formulas, Prescription, Vet Essentials) of Hills Science Diet, as we determine to be appropriate.

xi. Merchandise Discount
10% discount off the retail price of all merchandise routinely stocked by Vet Inc. Pty. Ltd. This includes, but is not limited to, shampoos, bitterant sprays, toys and treats.   

b. Accident and Trauma Care
All therapies, medications and services provided are at the discretion of Vets Inc., and only provided as we deem appropriate and needed for the patient, and case. They relate only to services and therapies provided by Vets Inc. and their employed staff. There is no benefit or cover for specialist or extra-mural services.

i. 24/7 Emergency Consultations
After-hour emergency appointments available at Vets Inc.

ii. Critical Care and Hospitalisation
Where we consider the patient to be unstable and requiring immediate
 professional care in a hospital environment. No boarding costs.

iii. Pathology Services
E.g. blood, urine, cytology to be performed within internal Vets Inc. laboratory, and where necessary, via external laboratory services.   

iv. Interventional Surgery
Where we deem imminent surgery is required to reduce suffering or improve the possibility of a positive patient outcome.

v. Medications and Related-Therapies
Including but not limited to analgesia, antibiotics, antivenin, therapeutic medications and anaesthesia. Routinely stocked medications only. 

vi. Advanced Life Support
Where we deem advanced life saving measures, such as CPR and oxygen ventilation, are appropriate to sustain life.

vii. Standard Imaging Services
E.g. radiography and ultrasound services.

viii. Advanced Imaging Services
CT scan, fluoroscopy and endoscopy.

c. Illness Care

i. Comprehensive Consultations
 Comprehensive examinations to thoroughly investigate, diagnose, manage and treat your pet’s illness.

ii. Supportive Therapies
Therapy and monitoring services deemed necessary or appropriate to maintain patient comfort, wellbeing and stability for acute and chronic illness.

iii. Surgical Investigation and Intervention
As deemed appropriate for the pet by Vet Inc Pty. Ltd. This includes, but is not limited to abdominal surgery, cancer resection, oral surgery and orthopaedic surgery.

iv.Internal Pathology Services
Cytology, blood and urine laboratory testing within the onsite pathology laboratory, as we deem appropriate.

v. External Pathology Services
Where pathology services require specialist laboratory facilities, this includes but is not limited to histopathology, PCR, and immunohistochemistry.

vi. Standard Imaging Services
Radiology and ultrasonography services, as deemed appropriate for
the patient and circumstance.

vii. Advanced Imaging Services
CT, fluoroscopy and endoscopy services, as deemed appropriate for the patient and circumstance. 

d. Preventative Care
A fully comprehensive list of approved preventative measures for maintenance of health and wellbeing can be found in addendum 3. The eligibility of your pet for any of these procedures is at the sole discretion of Vets Inc. Unnecessary procedures will not be performed as this is not in the benefit of your pet, and in some instances may be harmful.

Where these procedures are advised for your pet, but you decline, this will result in immediate exclusion of the associated body system.

e. End of Life Care
All therapies, medications and services provided are at the discretion of Veta Inc., and only provided as they are appropriate and needed for the patient, and case. They relate only to services and therapies provided by Vet Inc. Pty. Ltd. and their employed staff. There is no benefit or cover for specialist or extra-mural services.

i. Palliative and Hospice Consultations and Services
Where your pet is deemed to have a chronically debilitating or terminal condition which requires active management to maintain the welfare and comfort of the pet. 

ii. Quality of Life Assessments
Professional guidance and assessment of patient quality of life where
pets are being managed for chronic or terminal disease.

iii. Medications and Supportive Therapies
Medications and supportive therapies as deemed necessary to maintain your pet’s quality of life.

iv. 100% Coverage of Cost of Euthanasia
At the time of euthanasia, all fees applicable to the procedure will be 100% covered, with a 0% out of pocket cost to you. This includes veterinarian and nurse professional fees, sedation, intravenous cannulation, and euthanasia. If euthanasia is arranged to be performed outside of the clinic, you will be subject to the full cost of the procedure as well as travel expenses.

v. 100% Coverage of Group or Standard Cremation Service
All fees applicable to group cremation or standard cremation services with Eden Hills via Vets Inc. will be 100% covered,  with 0% out of pocket cost to you. Standard cremation services include niche box or scatter tin. Where vessels outside of the standard services are opted by you, the full cost of the service and vessel is applicable to you.

3. Peace of Mind Membership Conditions

  1. Membership benefits are not transferable or exchangeable, and cannot be taken as cash.
  2. Membership benefits are not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount, promotion or package offered by Vets Inc..
  3. Peace of Mind benefits are only available at Vets Inc. Peace of Mind does not cover specialist services, even when performed within the clinic, or extra-mural services of any kind where they fall due.
  4. It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive all of your membership benefits. Any unused membership benefits are forfeited at the end of the membership term, and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  5. Your membership is for one pet only, and their identity must be confirmed using reasonable measures, typically via microchip registration. You may enrol additional pets on additional membership plans.
  6. You must comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Peace of Mind package.
  7. You must pay all amounts, when they are due, under these Terms and Conditions. 

4. Fair Use Policy

Peace of Mind is for the benefit of the enrolled pet. This service is only to be used for this pet only, and is always subject to our Fair Use Policy. This provides for reasonable usage of discounted veterinary products  and services, as determined by Vets Inc. If your usage of your benefits is reasonably considered by us to be outside of the Fair  Use Policy, we may contact you to discuss changing your usage to conform with the Policy. If, after we have contacted you, the use continues to breach our Fair Use Policy then we may, without further notice, suspend or terminate your membership. 

Use of Peace of Mind for pets, other than the enrolled pet, is considered unreasonable use. It is also considered a breach of fair use where we deem the pet has suffered from illness due to gross neglect, or persistent ignorance despite veterinary advice. 

5. Cooling Off Period

You may cancel your Peace of Mind contract within the first 4 weeks of the commencement date provided that you have not used any services provided under the Peace of Mind membership. If services have been rendered, you must pay the difference between the amount paid and benefit received. Where the amount paid is greater than the benefit received, there will be no refunds or credits of payments made.

Cancellation during the cooling off period will result in forfeiture of the 2-month upfront payment. 

6. Fees, Charges and Payments

The total benefit paid from Peace of Mind is $12,000 per annum. Beyond this, any further goods, services or treatments rendered will be subject to full cost until the contract reaches the annual anniversary. 

a. At the commencement date, you are required to pay the first month as a single upfront payment. Thereafter, equal fortnightly instalments are to be paid each fortnight by direct debit from a bank account using a service that we choose.

b. Non-payment or failure to make the agreed payment may result in;
i. A late fee charged
  ii. Suspension of your membership
  iii. Debt recovery fees we (or the direct debit provider) may incur
  iv. The amount difference between the value of benefits used and the amount paid up until the suspension of membership using the pricelist current at the time of membership suspension due to Vets Inc. being due and paid to Vets Inc. This will be calculated for the year relevant to the membership period.

d. At the discretion of Vets Inc. your membership may be suspended until all  outstanding payments are received in full.

7. Exclusions

There will be no obstetric, obstetric-related, or desexing cover. 

8. Term

a. Membership is for a minimum term of 12 months from the Commencement Date.

b. Membership will automatically proceed to fortnightly installments, unless you terminate your membership in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

c. We will contact you by email in advance of the anniversary of the commencement date advising you of any changes in the fortnightly membership fee or Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure your contact details are current. 

9. Termination

a. We may immediately suspend or limit to use of your membership without notice to you at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to where;

i. You breach any of these Terms and Conditions
ii. You use (or we believe you to have used) a membership benefit for 
      any other pet that is not enrolled in your Peace of Mind package, or
      in a manner outside of the fair use policy.
iii. You have not paid monies, or there has been payment failure for
      monies owing under these Terms and Conditions.

If your membership has been suspended or terminated due to your breach, reactivation of your membership will be at the discretion of Vets Inc. If we agree to reactivate your membership, you will be required to pay all outstanding amounts (including late payment fees, interest, and debt recovery charges). 

b.  You may terminate your membership effective from the end of the initial 12 month term by giving us at least 30 days written notice that your membership is not to be renewed.

c. Beyond the initial 12 month membership period the membership can be cancelled at any time by providing at least 30 days written notice. In which case, a cancellation fee equivalent to two months contract fees is required.

10. Death of Pet

Benefits may not be transferred to another pet in the case of the death of the pet enrolled in Peace of Mind. If the pet enrolled in the Peace of Mind plan dies during the term of the agreement, Vets Inc. will immediately terminate your membership, with no further fees to be paid by you. Sufficient proof of death must be provided to Vets Inc. This includes, but is not limited to, death certificate, visual inspection or photographic evidence.  

11. Effect of Termination

a. Your membership benefits will cease.

b. You must terminate the direct debit agreement in accordance with the terms of the direct debit agreement. 

c. You will not be entitled to any refund of money.

d. All amounts owing to us under these Terms and Conditions become due and payable.

12. Eligibility 

Admission of patients into Peace of Mind is preceded by a mandatory, standardised admission procedure. This is to be performed by the veterinarian, and is free of charge to the client. The eligibility assessment criteria for admission into Peace of Mind can be found in addendum 4, and subject to change without notice to you.  

You must provide and disclose all veterinary records and health concerns for the patient to Vets Inc. for eligibility assessment. 

Further diagnostics and investigations required for eligibility assessment (such as blood and urine testing) will be charged at full cost to you if we deem your pet ineligible, or you choose not to proceed with Peace of Mind membership. Ineligibility is at our sole discretion. 

Unsuccessful Candidates

A pet will be denied from entering the program based on a comprehensive list of exclusion criteria. These criteria are listed in addendum 4, and are subject to change without notification to you.

The only patients that are exempt from these conditions are those currently enrolled with Peace of Mind. So long as there is no lapse in membership, they will remain covered. However, if membership lapses, and one or more of these conditions exist, membership with Peace of Mind will not be granted. 

Conditionally Successful Candidates

A pet may join Peace of Mind with restricted membership benefits. 

Common conditional exclusions are further defined in addendum 4. Pets deemed eligible with conditional exclusions will have no benefits paid for any services, treatment or goods dispensed for the excluded body system.

13. Referral Rewards 

At any time, at the discretion of Vets Inc, we may offer you a reward incentive for direct referrals of other client’s onto the Peace of Mind plan. The referral must name you specifically as the referee, and rewards will only be provided if;

i. The pet is deemed eligible or conditionally eligible
ii. The pet remains on Peace of Mind beyond the cooling off period

Referral rewards and incentives can be changed at any time, without notice to you. Please see addendum 5 for current referral reward.