Cookie's Story

I’ve been a pet parent for much longer than I’ve been a vet. All my life - I can’t remember a time that pets weren’t a part of our family. I can vividly recall what it’s like being on the other side of the consulting table, I remember being there with Cookie.  


It just starting out as a couple of red spots on the inside of her leg. It was weird, but she didn’t seem bothered. Over the coming days, more spots came, and they spread up her belly and down her legs. They started oozing and crusting. 

You never want to see your pet unwell, it’s terrible - you wish that you knew how you could just make it better for them. 

Thankfully, we were in the hands of an amazing veterinarian at the time. I remember her being so gentle with Cookie. She diagnosed cookie with a fungal infection and severe skin allergies. She spent a long time on expensive antifungal medications and allergy diets. Those dreaded red spots have only tried to come back once more, otherwise we haven’t seen them since!

It’s when I remember times like this that make more and more excited to launch Peace of Mind for pets and their families. Sharing your life with a cat is full of ups and downs, turn healthcare into something positive, rather than something to be dreaded.

Author: Peace of Mind